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Feeling the love. Thankful for the kind words about “Sister California.”

The Bluegrass Situation welcomes me to their community premiering “3:45.”

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American Heartbreak Radio (2017)

Liner Notes

Eric Saint Nicholas  - vocals, guitars, (piano on "Sister California")
Jeffery Teague - percussion on "Sweet Way", "Sister California", "The Way it Is" and "3:45"
Dennis Holt - percussion on "Raining Blue", "How Many Times", "3:45" and "I Know You"
Dave Francis - bass
Paul Nelson - cello
Pat Mcgrath - auxiliary guitars on "3:45", "Raining Blue", "How Many Times"
Howard Duck - keys on "Raining Blue", "3:45", and "I Know You"
Kaitlin Connor - keys on "Highway Rhymes" and "Sweet Way", background vocals on "Sweet Way"
Pat Buchanan - electric guitar on "How Many Times"

All songs written/publised by
Eric Saint Nicholas (ASCAP)
Eric Saint Nicholas Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Eric Saint Nicholas & Jeffery Teague
Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering in Nashville, TN

"Raining Blue", "3:45", "I Know You", and "How Many Times (love is all)" recorded at Direct Image Studios in Nashville, TN. "Sweet Way", "Highway Rhymes", "Sister California", "The Way it Is", and "American Heartbreak Radio" recorded at Jenga Studios in Nashville, TN

All songs mixed by Jeff Zacharski (Jenga Studios in Nashville, TN), assisted by Eric Saint Nicholas, except "Raining Blue", and "How Many Times (Love is All) by Kenny Royster (Direct Image Studios in Nashville, TN)

Cover photo by Erick Anderson
Cover design by Katerina Matheos & Eric Saint Nicholas

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Where from, where to?

"...though he may be geographically far from his home,
he imbues his work with the easy-going, uplifting spirit of the West Coast."
- Elmore Magazine

         Eric Saint Nicholas is a songwriter, producer, and mixer. From Southern California, to New York City, to Nashville, TN, he has continually followed the music. His love for movies and soundtracks drives him towards writing vibey, singer-songwriter’esque songs in a variety of styles. His personal tastes make for an often retro, folk-rock feel. Compared to Jack Johnson and Nick Drake, Eric’s music is described as “meditative and hopeful” by Elmore Magazine, offering “a message of love and unity.”

In 2017, Eric released a 9 track album of americana music titled American Heartbreak Radio. Two songs of which (“Sister California” and “Sweet Way”) are featured in the upcoming film The Best People (Netflix). He plans to release two new albums in 2020.

Inspirations like Jack White and Ray Lamontagne fuel his fire to write and record honest music. Pink Floyd carried him away and got him thinking and hearing differently. And The Tallest Man on Earth was instrumental in his finger style guitar playing. Wherever he is, he enjoys the endless inspiration around him and writes towards sharing his message.

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