Music Cleared For Placement

All songs written / published by
Eric Saint Nicholas / Eric Saint Nicholas Music
All unmastered and unreleased music will be ready for use in February upon request
(Please share privately, and only with intention of synchronization use)


Sweet, Acoustic
Energy: Low to Medium

(unmastered, unreleased)

Uplifting, meditative, heartfelt, young

“When time moves slow, dreams can be more than dreams”

“What Stays”
(unmastered, unreleased)

What we leave behind, love

“What are we here to save? Pages turn either way, feels like I’m here to make something that stays”

“Sweet Way”

Relationship, parting ways, well-meaning

“There is nothing left to say now. It’s all up here, just read my face”

Fun, Upbeat
Energy: Medium to High

“River Bends”
(unmastered, unreleased)

Uplifting, quirky, introspective

"Life will sometimes get you down… don’t you doubt the sun comes out"

“Be With Me Today”
(unmastered, unreleased)

Beach imagery, whimsical, coming together then parting ways, duo male/female singers

“We’ll need nothing, nothing more… than the breeze and that ocean sound”

“Out Tonight”
(unmastered, unreleased)

Sultry-cool, whistling, instrumental chorus

“Forget place and time, cause it feels so right out tonight"

“Love as Nails” ft. Sean Hayes
(unmastered, unreleased)

Friendship, self-empowering

“Love is why I’m here today, I want to lift us up, do you feel the same?”

“Let Tonight Be..”
(Unmastered, Unreleased)

Finding love at a bar, letting go, being yourself, trombones

“Guys and girls at the bar, a little flirting from afar…"

“I Know You”

Flirty, rhythmic guitar, bouncy piano

“You know I’m talking about what’s in the air… even if it’s in my dreams, I know you, you know me”

Sweet, Moody
Energy: Low to Low-Medium

(unmastered, unreleased)

Relationship, poetic, whimsical, story-telling, swelling string-section

“She’s rolls like a stone on the run, through your woods, you are the sun”

“That Loving Kind of Thing” 
(unmastered, unreleased)

Relationship, old love, new love, nostalgic, encouraging

“There’s a moment between two worlds, I saw it in her face. I’m bound to find myself another loving thing"

“Sister California”

Friendship/family, tough times, uplifting, meditative

“See I’ve been there I am your kind, and I’m right here on the other side.. of that fight.

Dark, Moody
Energy: Low to High

“Love, And”
(unmastered, unreleased)

Relationship, passion, vibey, theremin, cello

“You’ve got what it takes, you understand.. love is so much more than holding hands"

“Highway Rhymes”

Personal struggle, road imagery, passage of time

“Highways rolling by, I can’t help but mind. Passing inch by inch, though we’ve travelled miles”

“American Heartbreak Radio”

Relationship, wishful, nostalgic

“I’ve been waiting now, seems like a while now.. a little bit of something good”

Cool, Swaggery
Energy: Medium to high

“‘till We Choose Love”
(unmastered, unreleased)

Self-empowering, head-on, antagonist, bluesy

“I’ve got no care for how you care for no one. The sad and the put down are not a stepping stone"


Late night, dating, city life, bluesy

“I don’t mind cause I’m doing just fine, but let me tell you you’re on my mind”

“The Way It Is”

Relationship, quirky, story-telling, self-empowering, americana, bluesy

”I’ll walk my way till I’m in the grave, that’s the way it is”