Eric Saint Nicholas

Californian Folk Rock & Americana

Californian Folk Rock & Americana


Where from, where to?

Eric’s love for music making began in his hometown on the coast of Southern California. Since then his personal and creative search have been one in the same. Acoustic guitar driven, his music feels intimate - like a note to a friend, or a conversation between a man and his guitar (or someone who stopped by late night).  His debut album, American Heartbreak Radio, feels old school yet true to a style of his own.

In 2014 Eric relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he currently lives, plays, and enjoys the endless inspiration around him.

You can always hear a little bit of Nick Drake and Jack Johnson in his playing and singing, and he is right in line with the honesty and expressive spirit of heroes like Jack White and Ray Lamontagne. The Tallest Man on Earth was also instrumental in his instrumentals.