American Heartbreak Radio

Written/Published By: Eric Saint Nicholas (Ascap)

I’ve been waiting for, seems like a while now

A little bit of something good

It was not long ago you were at my door

I turned the volume up, and your voice fell low

Sometimes I hear, only what I wanna hear - that’s not fair I know

And because of me.. Our only company was the radio


That American Heartbreak Radio

Our own American Heartbreak Radio


Feels like they put on the same song..

Each and every day and all night long and it just won’t end

So when it don’t make sense to feel alone, I want you to know..

We’re in this together


That’s America’s Heartbreak Radio

Our own American Heartbreak Radio


So while I wait, for what I’m hopin’ for

Play me a song, make it fast or slow

Just give me a tune so true that it hits me at the core

A glint of light on broken glass, one more kiss even after our last

And know that when I sing or strum this guitar

It's to rev the engine in your heart


That’s America’s heartbreak radio

Our own American Heartbreak Radio