Eric’s love for music making began in his hometown on the coast of Southern California. Acoustic guitar driven, his easygoing folk rock  music feels intimate - like a note to a friend, or a conversation between a man and his guitar. Compared to singers like Nick Drake and Jack Johnson, Eric's sound is described as "meditative and hopeful" by Elmore Magazine, offering "a message of love and unity across state divides."

In 2014 Eric relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he recorded his debut album and has been enjoying the endless inspiration around him. American Heartbreak Radio is a folk rock / americana album that feels old-school yet new and true to a style of his own.

Heroes like Jack White and Ray Lamontagne fuel his fire to to express himself clearly and honestly. The Tallest Man on Earth was also instrumental in his fingerstyle guitar picking. Since Eric wrote his first song, his personal and creative search have been one in the same. His next album is in the works and will be released in two parts in 2018.


Elmore Magazine compares Eric to the likes of Nick Drake and Jack Johnson.
- "...though he may be geographically far from his home, he imbues his work with the easy-going, uplifting spirit of the West Coast."
- "[His music] offers a message of love and unity across state divides."
Folk Radio UK comments on his versatility.
- "[Eric Saint Nicholas] haunts and lures you with a solo acoustic guitar performance and harrowing vocals"
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