Sister California

Written/Published by Eric Saint Nicholas (Ascap)

I’m gonna board a plane to California to see you now

I know that lately you’ve been feeling pretty down

See I’ve been there, I am your kind

And I’m right here on the other side.. of that fight


You tell me all the things that kept you happy are now long gone

You’ve got this sense that all the world is going wrong

I think you miss feeling free

I think that love - is all you need.. all we need


Sister California, this won’t last forever

Sister California, we’re in this together

An oak tree don’t move for a little cold weather, mmhm


I want to share with you what keeps me smiling, it’s the little things

It’s when I get a phone call from a friend just thinking of me

It’s when I hear of snow in Santa Fe

It’s when the Cali sun comes out my way.. In Tennessee


Yeah I know that you want to break out, that you just want to be

Anywhere that’s somewhere new

There’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for peace.. Of mind


Sister California, we’re in this together

Sister California, you can bear the bad weather

Skies, they turn blue, even clouds they know better

This won’t last forever


Consider this a little detour, it’s one you don’t walk alone

You can call it a test, or, the place where beauty its formed

Find yourself a place to rest now, go on and lay your head down

Sister California, you’re gonna turn things around


Sister California, the skies are looking better

Sister California, we’re in this together

To the stars and the moon the world is light as a feather, mmhm

Know that I am right here for you

I hope you know that I am right here for you