The Way it Is

Written/Published By: Eric Saint Nicholas (Ascap)

I walked on down the road, flowers in my hand

Aw, she was such a pretty thing - she said come on in

Truth be told I felt unsure, could it really be so good?

Soon as we shut the door I heard a shotgun click and thud


See she ain’t a woman alone, and she never could be, no

There’s a man around every corner, lock-loaded, n’ ready to go

I can see that a fight breaks out any time she drops a thing – “I’ll pick it up for ya”

Cause every man in the whole damn world - they wanna be the one to give her a ring


I feel a change, shift and phase, a turn of the moon

Been here too long, I’ve sung my song, there’s nothin’ left to do

Yeah I’ll walk my way till I’m in the grave, that’s the way it is

This old wolf gonna grin and howl ‘cause he knows that moon is his

Mmhm, that’s the way it is.. Yeah huh, that’s just how it is


I can take you there, show you right in, then it’s up to you

Heard em’ say that once, didn’t take em twice, I knew just what to do

Get going, carry on, yeah - sing my song to the moon

Y’ain’t a man if you can’t walk alone for a minute and hum your tune, mhmm


If you take a step, call it your own, ‘cause it sure ain’t mine

If I hold your hand, it’s just me and you, know that I ain’t lyin’

So don’t fake your love, pretend you know it all, that’s a waste of time

Give it up, give it up, come off yourself – walk a new damn line


I feel a change, shift and phase, a turn of the moon

Yeah I’m movin’ on, I’ve sung my song, nothin’ more to do

‘Cause I live my way till I’m in the grave and that’s the way it is

A lone wolf gonna grin and howl, ‘cause he knows that moon is his

..Aw yeah he howls for that moon to be his



No one knows who’s gonna take him in – ‘cause just when there’s a place to stay..

Somehow, aw it fades away - what can you say, that’s how it is

You get what you need I suppose.. Move quick, change course n then it slows

You know where you been, you learn where you’re goin’

So don’t mind that some’ll just get you down

Don’t mind the ones that get you down


Ya girl, I’m gonna save a dime so forget that grand ol’ chase

And hold on to that cherry pie, no matter how good it may taste


You know we’re bound to move, If I can’t, then I won’t stay

Take a tip from the moon, let change be change


Yeah I’ll keep my head up high, stay close to my suitcase

And this leather here, is gonna weather yea, just the way it is